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Polskie Gabiony, Materace Gabionowe

Gabion fences

Gabions are succesfully used in the construction of unique fences – below are shown examples in single-family housing.

Gabion fence with so-called „stabilizers.” Use of gabion stabilizers at correct distances (thicker gabions) allows serious material savings and does not require foundation works. Some examples:


Płot z gabionów z tzw.

Płot z gabionów


Gabions can be successfuly combined with other materials, such as wood. The fence was made by the plot owner by himself, without any assistance.

Ogrodzenie z gabionów w połączeniu z drewnianymi wstawkami


 Ogrodzenie z gabionów w połączeniu z drewnem

Ogrodzenie z gabionów


Gabions are also used in the construction of house fences, gardens and parks. Already in antiquity, people would build embankments made of stones, which protected settlements against winds and predators. Regular boulders, when suitably arranged, planted out or simply covered with grass can have surprising effect.






Fences do not need to be high

We will be happy to be of advice and assistance to our clients; we are able to design and also carry out comprehensive projects on the client premises.




Revetment combined with a flowerbed


Low fencing wall


Several examples of gabion fences combined with wood




Gabion fence combined with wood – various options and interesting solutions


Entrance gate with a gabion arrangement

 Fence in Hennigsdorf (Germany)

 Fence in Zinnowitz (Germany)


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