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Retaining walls

Statics comparable to that of reinforced concrete revetments.


In order to achieve all the above parameters, however, one needs to possess suitable knowledge in civil engineering, structural metallurgy, geology, hydrogeology and retaining structures, as well as extensive experience associated with gabion production and arrangement.


Jarosz Converters offers its customers broad technical assistance, both at the designing and construction stage.

Mur Oporowy w trakcie budowy
Revetment in erection…

 oraz po dwóch latach zagospodarowany
... and developed after two years

Mur oporowy z gabionów połączony z materacami gabionowymi
Gabion revetment combined with gabion mattresses

Połączenie gabionów z murami oporowymi.
Please note the gabion intertwining and combination with revetments


This revetment acts simultaneously as a road load-bearing element – like in the picture below

Along S1 dual carriageway a load-bearing and structural revetment was made, at a length of 21.0 m and height of 9.5 m, with a width of only 1.0 m


A revetment along a national road in Uherce, additionally reinforced by so-called “nailing”

Rozwiązania firmy Jarosz Converters sp z o.o.


A revetment can also be an ornamental wall


High, massive revetment.


All these solutions are innovative achievements of "Jarosz Converters "   Ltd.



The photo above, and the two following show examples of revetments adjusted to the landscape relief


A revetment adjusted to the scarp height and line 



The terrain falls, and the gabion wall is reduced accordingly. This is how not only a revetment has been designed, but an ornamental wall has been created


Gabion stairs


Ornamental revetment made of gabions with a horizontal stone arrangement


The wall is not thick, yet it is able to support a high scarp


View from above


Side view


Please note the unlimited possibilities to combine gabions in various forms and shapes 



Gabions, Gabion matresses, Rivers regulation, Reinforcement of river embankments.
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