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Polskie Gabiony, Materace Gabionowe

Gabion mattresses

One of the larger investments carried out by Jarosz Converters – Garwolin Ring Road, along National Road Warszawa – Lublin. Reconstruction of the river bed.

Koryto rzeki zabezpieczone materacami gabionowymi



Status during reconstruction, river bed prepared for filling, after the placement of Jarosz Converters gabion mattresses.

materace gabionowe - koryto rzeki

Materace Gabionowe w rzece


River filled with water – parameters: Length 750 m, width 7.5m, depth up to the bank top 3.0 m


Gródek over river Dunajec

Dno rzeki z materacy gabionowych

materace gabionowe - stopnie wodne



Stage of fall in construction 



materac gabionowy - wał przeciwpowodziowy

Materac gabionowy



Protection of the Wisła embankment with Jarosz Converters mattresses



Weir in Jeziorsko

próg wodny - materac gabionowy

materac gabionowy - próg wodny



Weir made of gabion mattresses, by Jarosz Converters



Bank reconstruction and river regulation after sewer renovation 



Gabions, Gabion matresses, Rivers regulation, Reinforcement of river embankments.
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