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Polskie Gabiony, Materace Gabionowe

Ornamental walls / gabion benches.

 Gabions are used as functional benches or ornamental walls, and almost anything can be done with them; e.g. the can form the base for recreation or relaxation benches, or those used at public transport stops. Several exemplary benches, made by Jarosz Converters Ltd.

Tania ławeczka z gabiomów

Gabion bench. Fine, loose stones, gravity-arranged. Seating surface: impregnated pine plank (relatively cheap gabion)

Ławeczka z gabionów 

Gabion bench. Carefully selected granite stones. Seat made of oak planks. Colour matching the façade. (exquisite, expensive gabion)

 Ekskluzywna ławeczka z gabionów


A similar bench (see above) from another angle (in the background a gabion facade can be seen – the bench corresponds with the motif)

Ławeczka z gabionów na przystanku autobusowym 

Bench at a bus stop.



Bench corresponding to the gabion design – façade seen in the background


Bench in a different style

grill z gabionów


Another form o fan original use of gabions is a garden barbecue

fundamenty z gabionów


Gabions can also be used as foundations under garages on steep slopes


Ornamental revetment with gabion stairs


General view of an ornamental revetment


In a gabion wall, various elements may be placed, such as flower pots

Another option to use gabions is the placement of supports under the roof

A scarp revetment becomes at the same time an ornamental wall


In combination with a gabion wall, power supply connections were additionally surrounded with gabions


Terrace base made of gabions. The colour scheme of stones used to make gabions matches the one applied in the structure


A revetment may be designed in such a way, that it becomes an ornamental wall


 Even river-regulating gabion walls can be made in an ornamental form – the picture shows Królowa Marysieńka Estate in Warsaw


Ornamental revetment at UJ Campus in Cracow 



Gabion stairs combined with an ornamental revetment at UJ Campus in Cracow 



Ornamental revetment, of “overlapping” type – geometric solid are intertwined 





Bench placed in an ornamental revetment 





bench close-up in a gabion arrangement. 





view from a distance


UJ Campus in Cracow 



Interesting composition of large boulders combined with gabions 


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