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Historia firmy Jarosz Converters ...


Enterprise of Foreign Trade Jarosz Ltd. was established in January 1989, as a Limited Liability Company, with a rather small initial capital of PLZ 1,500,000, which then amounted to ca. US$ 1,500. PHZ Jarosz was the first Polish private enterprise that obtained the right to conduct trade with the use of foreign currencies, and a license to trade with foreign countries, issued by the Ministry of Cooperation with Foreign Countries. The first merchandise that the Company traded were imported passenger cars and leather accessories from Italy.

 At that time, with the help of the French Embassy, the company established a liaison with a French company – Presses KAP, a manufacturer of specialist injection moulders for synthetic materials. The then owner, a Pole – the late colonel of the Polish Air Forces, Mr. Prus, together with Professor Aleksander Dobraczyński, who resided in Paris, developed a moulder injection machine that could be operated by handicapped people, especially the blind.

 In 1989, PHZ "Jarosz" delivered 9 machines of this type – all of them to companies employing blind people. Also in l989, cooperation was established with a Japanese concern "Mitutoyo" – the world’s largest manufacturer of measurement equipment, tools and machines. During the following decade, "Jarosz" Company was developing very dynamically (its current capital amounts to PLN 1,.000,000). The company maintains business contacts with over 10,000 clients in Poland, and more than 3,300 customers regularly buy measurement instruments from us. "Jarosz" Company renders warranty and post-warranty services for Mitutoyo, and possesses Type Approvals on all Mitutoyo products, issued by G.U.M.

In l993, "Jarosz” bought a US patent concerning the so-called "Gilbert Converter " – a machine converting petrol into gas. On the basis of this patent, two innovative patents were developer by Jarosz, and implemented into production: "Catalyst petrol conwvrter " and "Catalyst Converter of diesel oil ". Due to a conflict of interest, the continuation of works over converters turned out to be impossible, therefore, in September 1997, PHZ "Jarosz", along with other people, established a new entity. In order to retain the traditions of "Jarosz" Company, apart from the word „Converters”, „Jarosz” appeared in the name – thus, a new name was coined, which translates as: „Jarosz Converters”. The newly established company has an initial capital of PLN 44,000,000, which is roughly US$ l2 m.

The main area of the company activities is production – not commerce, as it was the case with PHZ Jarosz, and the development of a full-scale converter production – ecological machines that greatly improve combustion parameters in internal combustion engines and limit the emission of harmful substances into the environment, especially those produced by Diesel engines.

In 2001, Jarosz Converters, remaining faithful to its ecological traditions, lauched the production of GABIONS and GABION MATTRESSES.

Gabions and gabion mattresses manufactured by Jarosz Converters obtained in 2003 Technical Approval No. AT/2009-03-1571, issued by Road and Bridge Research Institute in Warsaw


Gabions, Gabion matresses, Rivers regulation, Reinforcement of river embankments.
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