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This wire has been produced by Bekaert company. It has been diffusion-impregnated with Zn/Al5, and therefore it is resistant to atmospheric conditions (action of acid, salt and base solutions) that result in fast corrosion of metals. The wire was tested in Stuttgart, and the results show its high resistance to action of the aforementioned factors. Not without a reason does the manufacturer guarantee long resistance to corrosion: corrosion-free period for BEZINAL® is as long as 50 years.

Corrosion is the worst enemy of metals and of all structures made of metal. Corrosion is regarded to be the basic reason for breakdowns, wrong functioning and premature failures of structures and systems. Traditionally, the most effective protection of steel against corrosion is galvanizing. In most environments, zinc acts preventively against corrosion.

In order to ensure better resistance against corrosion in comparison with galvanized wires, during the last decade an new alloy of zinc and aluminum was developed, combining unique features of plasticity abd perfect resistance against corrosion. BEZINAL® quickly gained a serious position on the market. Bekaert, the world’s largest, independent manufacturer of steel wire and steel wire products became the first company to obtain Galfan® license for its own wire types.

Comprehensive research and tests enabled Bekaert to fundamentally improve the process of Galfanu® application. Thanks to the above, a new range of steel wire and wire products was introduced onto the market, coated with Galfan®, under the trade name of BEZINAL® (Bekaert + Zinc + Aluminum).


Fig.  1 Fig.  2

Microstructure of galvannealed wire.

Galvanizing finish consists of a thick and brittle layer of Fe + Zn, and an outer layer of pure zinc.

Microstructure of a wire with BEZINAL® coating.

BEZINAL® coating consists of a flexible Fe+ Al+ Zn layer and an external, eutectic plated layer of Zn+ Al.


Properties of the protective surface BEZINAL® layer.

 Extraordinarily flexible coating.

 BEZINAL® coating consists of an extraordinarily uniform and flexible structure of zinc and aluminium. A zinc and aluminum alloy has a far higher bending strength than zinc alone. Therefore, a BEZINAL® coated wire is more flexible than galvanized wire.

Fig.  3 Fig. 4
Result of a winding test with a standard, galvanized wire. Result of a winding test with a BEZINAL® coating

The protective BEZINAL® surface layer ensures good grip against the base material, therefore it is perfect for all products that work under extreme bending forces.

Perfect resistance against corrosion.

Steel wires with a BEZINAL® and zinc coating of comparable thickness have been subject to numerous tests associated with corrosion buildup pace. Loss of weight during tests with BEZINAL® was approximately two or three times lower in comparison with losses on a galvanized wire. The results of two main corrosion tests are quoted below.

diagram 1 diagram 2
Test in an NaCl environment Test in an SO2 environment
Fig.  5 Fig.  6
11 years of light exposure in a sea environment 11 years of light exposure in agricultural environment

External action of sunrays on fences of various types, in various environments reflects excellent results with BEZINAL®.

BEZINAL® ensures better cathodal protection in cases when a steel wire suffers mechanical damage on its surface.

 Unlike with galvanization, the surface BEZINAL® layer remains relatively smooth, even if subject to log corrosive action. The above facts, along with mat appearance of a wire coated with BEZINAL® is a visible sing of improved protection.

Excellent protection at welds!

It has been proved that welded meshes made of galvanized wires have very limited anti-corrosion properties at welded points. The antidote to that is a welded wire mesh with BEZINAL® coating – guarantees anti-corrosion protection also at welded points.

Fig.  7 Fig.  8
Galvanized wire mesh at the end of a 5-year test period BEZINAL®-coated wire mesh at the end of a 5-year test period

Welded wire meshes with BEZINAL® coating guarantee better protection at welded points. 

   If you are interested in purchasing BEZINAL® wire meshes, do not hesitate to contact us

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